Nokia lost on smart phones, but a leader in mobile ads

According to InMobi research, the breakup of phone operating system of the global mobile advertising market (for July 2010),

  • Nokia has around 40 percent of the smartphone market with its Symbian operating software (now lead by BlackBerry & iPhone)
  • 48 percent of all its display ad impressions were carried on Nokia phones (on InMobi network)
  • Android’s market share is 17%, InMobi carried 3% of ads on Android phones
  • In terms of advert impressions, Nokia had almost 10 billion ad impressions in July. Apple had 1.6 billion impressions while Android had over 711 million

On Indian mobi portals I still feel there is a lot of scope for improvement when it comes to mobi ads. On our mobi portal,, most of the time I see ads from outside India (not very relevant for our readers) or the ads are linked to the normal website of the advertiser (not mobile friendly).

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