2009: Internet advertising to grow in India

According to a report from GroupM,

  • Advertisement in mediums like magazines and cinema will see a steep decline in 2009
  • In its recent outlook on India the GroupM study says that the overall size of Indian advertising industry is set to touch Rs 24,900 crore in 2009 compared to Rs 22,864 crore in 2008, thereby registering a growth of 8.9 per cent
  • Both radio and the internet mediums will grow in 2009. While the size of radio-led advertising will cross the Rs 1,000 crore mark, up from about Rs 880 crore in 2008, the internet medium will grow from Rs 630 crore to about Rs 850 crore in 2009


  1. Digital media advertising ( internet, mobile and digital signage) is expected to emerge as the medium of choice for advertisers

  2. And also, outdoor. I think that is where the money is going to go because of it’s more targettable and commands more recall.

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