Doesn’t Anil Ambani trust his zapakmail service?

Today most leading newspapers carried an advertisement about the fight over gas the two poor billionaire brothers are having for a long time. The media campaign cost has been estimated at approximately Rs 3 crore ($500,000).

This post is about the contents of the advertisement and nothing to do with the “actual fight over gas” between the two genetically related Reliance companies.

Advertisement in Mint on August 18, 2009

In the internet world we talk a lot about UGC, I think Anil Ambani has been wanting to know the pulse of the public – he wants to hear your comments.  Novel idea, not sure how many have done this before. In a way is he taking on the Petroleum Ministry?

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Is the naming industry in India non-existent?

We take a lot of interest in naming our children – we buy all sorts of books, browse baby name sites, ask a zillion people for suggestions and last but not the least numerologists are taking over the baby naming job.

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Is your company Lunch 2.0 compliant?

Silicon Valley companies have started hosting Lunch 2.0. According to WSJ Lunch 2.0 is defined as, Read more on Is your company Lunch 2.0 compliant?…

Corporate India wants bloggers

I bumped into today. I was very surprised and pleased to see Corporate India has an opening for a blogger. I think it is the way to go (no, I am not looking for a job).

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Title Infalation hurts the individual and the industry

IT industry is hot in India (this is stale news! You don’t need me to say this). I do get to interact with many new recruits. They don’t just negotiate with the salary these days but also the title/designation. Folks want fancy and “heavy” titles. I always tell them finally what counts is what you deliver and not the title. Infact if you have a jazzy title and your work is below par it only hurts your image. Knowledge@Wharton has published a very relevant article about title inflation,

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