Doesn’t Anil Ambani trust his zapakmail service?

Today most leading newspapers carried an advertisement about the fight over gas the two poor billionaire brothers are having for a long time. The media campaign cost has been estimated at approximately Rs 3 crore ($500,000).

This post is about the contents of the advertisement and nothing to do with the “actual fight over gas” between the two genetically related Reliance companies.

Advertisement in Mint on August 18, 2009

In the internet world we talk a lot about UGC, I think Anil Ambani has been wanting to know the pulse of the public – he wants to hear your comments.  Novel idea, not sure how many have done this before. In a way is he taking on the Petroleum Ministry?

The footer of the ad reads,

Issued in the public and national interest on behalf of 8 million shareholders of Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, the largest shareholder family in the world. Please send your comments at, or SMS ‘GAS <space> your comments, to 55454.

Ideally the ad should have used a company email id ( and not a public domain email id (

Anil Ambani’s group owns which was launched with a huge marketing budget. In fact Zapakmail could be one of the only mail services in the world which got a make over done by a fashion designer (Rohit Verma). If they were not comfortable using a corporate email id (no excuses for that) they should have at least promoted zapakmail. The gas would have given their mail service a huge lift.

On visiting you don’t find any information about this advertisement and I don’t even know which group company one has to choose to learn more about this (as they have too many companies!)

There is only so much one can convey in a print ad. Wouldn’t it have been prudent for them to have published a URL which had all the information about this gas-feud? Something like ?

Anyway let us hope the brothers are free of all gas problems and they make up. It would be good for the country.

Also see,


  1. kharag jain says:

    I think this case is relates as a business deal between mukesh bhai n cong.leadership then even if anil bhai cries 100 times,no result will come.
    lets hope suprime court will give clear verdict.and if court gives decision in favour of anilbhai then either p.m.or madam should resign

  2. I and my family are with you.

  3. I guess the point was to show that this is not a fight between two brothers or factions. Rather, ADAG is doing the country a favour by asking for transparency. A reliance email id would highlight the family feud more than the actual question of government-bias.

  4. Anand – you have raised good points. It boils down to,

    – With non-corporate email id can he fight on behalf of the company?
    – With corporate email id can he fight for his personal rights?

    I think the answer is “no” in both cases


  5. I echoed similar sentiments here, in my article:

    Using a third-party, free email service mocks at their own statement – “the largest shareholder family in the world”. It’s beyond me why they could not assign this campaign a better email address. Probably, its just a way to reduce focus from ADAG and put it on RIL. An ADAG related domain would’ve made Anil’s haters cry foul and call it a campaign directly supported by him. Although, even now it still says the same thing (they have mentioned ADAG in the footer) but using gmail is just a way to disassociate.

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