What should be expected out of a business plan competition?

It was interesting to attend a business plan competition in SJCE, Mysore. Just need an excuse to visit SJCE

Age and the entrepreneur

Most of you who have been thru or read about the late 1990s internet boom would agree upon one thing – most entrepreners were young (below 30).  Marc Andreessen was just 24 years when he co-founded Netscape. He has published his analysis of the relationship between  age and entrepreneurship based on a paper written by  a professor of psychology at University of California Davis named Dean Simonto. The paper is researched across many fields – science, literature, music, chess, film, politics, and military combat.  The research was done in the pre-internet boom period.

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When the VCs say “no”

Yet another good article from Marc Andeerssen about startups. Every entrepreneur goes thru this phase – being rejected by VCs. The article helps you interpret the “no” you hear often!

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Why not to do a startup?

A well written article by Marc Andreessen (co-founder of Netscape) on startups. Few points from the article,

  • Most importantly, realize that a startup puts you on an emotional rollercoaster unlike anything you have ever experienced.
  • In a startup, absolutely nothing happens unless you make it happen.
  • Hiring is a huge pain in the ass.
  • God help you, at some point you’re going to have to hire executives.
  • The hours.
  • There are lots of X factors that can come along and whup you right upside the head, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about them……More

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