Basic rules on giving feedback

Blogging and User Generated Content (UGC) are the current mantras of the day but it has a lot of noise (many times or even most of the times!). I read very awful/rude feedback messages on blogs these days. Just yesterday I read a series of comments about a portal being acquired in India (I guess that story was based on ‘True rumors’). People were taking on the promoters of both sides in public 🙁

Read about how to give feedback/comment:

1) Be honest but not brutal
2) Don’t embellish or change the message part way through
3) Do it earlier rather than later (don’t wait until things are very bad)


  1. Kishor Cariappa says:

    The beauty of blogging is the freedom to voice opinions, rude or other wise. I’ve seen in blogs which don’t entertain anonymous comments, the level of debates is very low and formal. FInally, blogs have a cane too…they can delete offensive comments any given time.

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