Finally ONE politician takes the internet seriously, rather VERY seriously!

LK Advani

No prizes for correct guesses – as we all know LK Advani, BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate has taken the internet “very” seriously. He is the most visible politician on the internet today. has been aggressively advertising on the internet. There were some reports which mentioned that he was advertising in Pakistan and US media sites. Actually those ads are India targetted, i.e. if a surfer from India visits a Pakistan based newspaper he/she would see LKAdvani banners.

LK Advani has recognized the fact that during this election we are going to have 10 crore first time voters and he needs to reach out to that section of voters.

Language Version

The Hindi version of the site looks very professional. It is good to see they have recognized the importance of Indian language on the internet (even though they have just one Indian language at this point of time).

Mobile Strategy

While the internet strategy seems to be visible one needs to see what Advani’s team will do on the mobile. Mobile advertising is not going to be easy because telcos are bound to block those sms (unfair).


Advani’s e-team seems to have gone the opensource way (kudos!). His website his hosted on a Linux box running Apache webserver and his blog is hosted on WordPress. Gets Media Attention

I will not go into analyzing in this posting. Few analysis you could read are,

Let us see which other politician(s) will take the internet and mobile seriously.


  1. I’m quite impressed by the approach and technology that has gone in to getting the blog out there. The writing doesn’t go very far though. I was expecting something a lot more insightful and not a rehash of what we have been hearing via the Media. Advani should treat it as his own platform and take us to the edge of his thought. This could be that first step towards reform in terms of transparency at the top.

    – Santosh


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