Groupon fills a huge gap for Gap, rakes in $11m

Most of you must have read about the best day for the group buying site Groupon had since inception. They raked in $11m in a single day for Gap. Gap is regarded as a very good apparel brand, have used it personally, very good brand.

  • Groupon offered 50% discount on a $50 buy from Gap on August 19
  • At times 10 Groupon coupons were sold every second
  • The best campaign they had was 41 coupons a minute, this time it was 534 coupons a minute
  • Groupon+Gap newsletter database size: 15 million
  • Email newsletter was sent in a staggered manner starting midnight (as US has several timezones).
  • Twitter: @earlybird got them a lot of attention. @gap doesn’t seem to have very high # of followers, however it has a decent size of Likers on Facebook.
  • Over 1500 affiliate sites of Groupon promoted this Gap campaign

This campaign succeeded because there was a huge push on the social media as well. I am sure many brands will study this campaign to fill the ‘gap’ in their balance sheets.

Even though you read about the economy being slow in the US, this clearly shows if a good product is sold for a great price sky is the limit.

Would love to see such a phenomenon on Indian group buying sites. If not in terms of revenue, at least in terms of number of coupons sold.

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