Has Alexa changed the way they work?

On The India Street (http://www.theindiastreet.com/ ) I read,

I’m not surprised by our winner but I am stunned by how close Rediff Classifieds came to Craigslist India in terms of page view Rank. According to Alexa, Craigslist India is about 46th most popular while Rediff Classifieds finishes a respectable 105; not bad for a site that doesn’t focus on classified advertising.

To the best of my knowledge Alexa doesn’t publish ranks of domains and sub-domains separately. It simply publishes the Alexa rank of the domain. For e.g. The rank of www.oneindia.in and thatskannada.oneindia.in is the same because it is ranking oneindia.in as a whole and not the sub-domains individually.

In that posting (http://www.theindiastreet.com/2007/08/craigslist-tops-india-business.html) only click.in and kijiji.in are the only pure-play classified sites. So the Alexa numbers of these sites reflect pure “online classified” numbers/rankings.


  1. Thanks that finally somebody discovered this. Taking craigslist’s total as India numbers would have just been a continuation of the total confusion that seems to be going on around visitor numbers. Obviously, everybody can claim everything with no further proof and no repercussions.

    Further to that, whoever researched the classifieds list has left out Yello Classifieds (http://www.yello.in) – they have been in India for 9 months now and are growing steadily. Posting is free, with up to 7 pictures and lots of other nice features. It’s a sister of yellojobs.com, the guys who came up with the referral network together with NDTV.

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