Online stock trading in India: Few numbers

Few interesting numbers from an article in Mint today:

  • Online trade volumes in India is about 20% of total trades.
  • Sharekhan derives 60% of its brokerage revenue from online trading. In 2003, online trading accounted for just about 10% of total volume in Indian stock markets.
  • In 2003 there were only 10-15 brokers empanelled for Internet trading with the exchange then, now there are around 300 brokers wooing Internet-savvy investors.
  • Only 4% of India’s domestic household savings or just about 13% of its gross domestic product is being channelled to shares and debentures issued by companies.
  • The highest online trade volume among emerging markets is in the Philippines, where about 55-60% of trades is executed online. Reason: They have better internet connectivity

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