What would Indian Millionaires Want From Brokerage Websites?

The stock market is being beaten to death everywhere, they say in India it will tank to 6,000 levels. India has a decent number of Brokerage websites. According to “What Millionaires Want From (US) Brokerage Websites

  • 79% — visit their investment provider’s Web site at least a few times a year and 83% of those do so every month.
  • Their most common online activity is checking balances and positions (cited by 63%), followed by stock research (35%). Almost a third (29%) actually place trades at these web sites.
  • This group ranked highest the features they already use — account balances and transaction history, portfolio tracking and online trading.
  • The Forrester research found that the higher an investor rates the quality of a firm’s online features, the more money he keeps with that firm.
  • These satisfied online customers are also 37% more likely to consider the firm for additional purchases.

It is not clear if these people were Millionaires before the meltdown or they still are millionaires after the meltdown (which means they are really rich!)

But wouldn’t non-millionaires (US, India or anywhere) also have almost the same kind of usage pattern and wishlist? I would think so. At least it matches with my behaviorial pattern.

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