Yahoo’s email activation process is flawed (for a loooong time)

I frequently get emails from Yahoo to activate an email account,

Click the link below to verify your email address and activate your account. Email verification helps protect your identity and allows you to participate safely on all of Yahoo!’s properties.

Your Yahoo! ID: mahesh_xyz
Your new Yahoo! Mail address:
Your alternate email: mahesh at

Not Your Account?:You have received this email because an account was recently created at Yahoo! using this email address. If you did not recently create an account on Yahoo! here click here

I always click on the link for “Not Your Account”. All Yahoo does is to remove my personal email id linked to mahesh_xyz which I have always felt is not good enough. It must CANCEL as he gave an email id for verification which is not his. By allowing the user to use mahesh_xyz Yahoo is only allowing bogus accounts to be created.

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