57% of mobile users in India use social media apps on their phone

Today few states in India celebrate Pongal and Sankranti. Wish  you a happy Sankranti.

Rangoli for Sankranti by artist Anisha Raghu

Rangoli for Sankranti Festival

A very interesting report “Social, Digital & Mobile in 2014” by We Are Social. The following stats have been covered for most countries,

  • Internet penetration
  • Mobile penetration
  • Social penetration
  • Facebook penetration
  • Time spent by mobile users on social media

India related information is from slide 82,

  • Population of 1.22 billion: 31% urban, 69% rural
  • Internet penetration: 12%
  • Facebook penetration: 7% (90 million)
  • Mobile penetration: 73% (893 million)
  • Smart phone penetration (% of total population): 13%
  • Time spent per day on internet from desktop: approx 5 hours
  • Mobile internet penetration (% of total population): 11%
  • Time spent per day on mobile internet: 2.5 hours

Social Media Statistics from India

  • Social media penetration (% of total population): 12%
  • Average time spent per day on social media: 2.5 hours (isn’t this high?)
  • Percentage of mobile users using social media apps on phone: 57%
  • Popularity in terms of usage: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn

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