China Vs India Internet user statistics

Read recently about China’s internet user base,

  • China has 400 million internet users, accounts for 1/3rd of China’s population
  • Number of broadband users in China: 346 million
  • Mobile internet users: 233 million

Where as for India

  • India has anywhere from 45 million to 50 million users, accounts for about 5% of our population (so we have a lot of room for growth, good news in my opinion)
  • Number of broadband users: 8 million
  • Of the 500+ million mobile users, 25 million users have paid for their data account, 55-65 million users use the free data services provided by the operator.
  • Mobile internet users: 2 million active users (access the net at least once a month from their mobile)


  1. Sir, just imagine the scope of growth we have….mobile phones have shown the way and today stats say there are more cells than toilets in India!!! A day will come when the web users will also grow that many fold

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