iOS 6 hits London subway, printed maps given to users

The launch of iPhone 5 & iOS 6 has attracted a lot of negative publicity to the much used maps utility. Many felt Apple tried to fix something that was not broken. Google Maps can be installed on iOS6 but it doesn’t get shipped by default as before. Google is working on a iOS 6 maps app. Alternate maps app for iOS6 are Waze and Scout.

London subway (underground) users reportedly were lost without the maps working accurately on their iPhones with iOS6. They were given an option to pick up physical copies of maps in the station to reach their destination without being lost.

The iOS 6 update did take a lot of time for me to update.  Apple would have helped the revenues of broadband providers (and telcos) with the increase usage of data this month.

Hitler Hates Apple’s iOS 6 Maps

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