Social Media dominates internet usage in India

The latest “Social Media Dominates Asia Pacific Internet Usage” shows the rise in social media (facebook, orkut, twitter, blogging) usage in Asia Pacific countries.

  • The survey found that three of the seven biggest global online brands are social media sites – Facebook, Wikipedia and YouTube.
  • Close to three quarters of the world’s Internet population (74%) have now visited a social networking/blogging site, and Internet users are spending an average of almost six hours per month on social media sites.
  • Japan is big on blogging. 16% of Japan’s internet population i.e. 10 million use Twitter.
  • LinkedIn has seen one of the fastest growth trends amongst social media sites in Australia
  • By population, Korea is one of the most social media engaged countries in the world, with the country’s leading social media site, Naver, attracting 95 percent of the Korean Internet population every month.
  • When writing reviews, majority of Indians share positive reviews. (I would say India does a 5’o clock)
  • Majority of Indians like the look & feel, features of Facebook, slowly but steadily switching over from Orkut to Facebook.
  • Close to one third of India’s social media users (32%) use microblogging sites such as Twitter at least once a day.

The report mentions over 75% of the internet population is using social media, so longer it is a passing phase. Time for internet portals to focus on it in India too.

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