Some ideas for Twitter apps in India

Twitter has gained sufficient stickiness in India but I am yet to come across any ‘must-follow’ Twitter application in India.

  • Grocery stores: Few small chain grocery stores are now competing with the biggies these days. They should be tweeting any sale they have and reach out to their customers. Yes, there is a danger of receiving too many tweets of products you don’t care about. For e.g. I am a veggie and the last thing I want to receive is “Beef on sale”. Holy Cow!. Check out CheepTweet on how they get you deals in the US.
  • Traffic updates: The police department shouldn’t be tweeting for the entire city but there must be separate twitter accounts for popular bottleneck parts of the city. For e.g. in Mumbai the Bandra Worli Sea Link bridge should be tweeting during peak hours.
  • Local Govt bodies in India are practically unreachable. I am sure govt wants it that way but times have changed. It is better for them to be citizen friendly. Each ward would be on twitter.
  • Important Govt ministries should be on Twitter. For e.g. the Health department could have tweeted about Swine Flu
  • Bakeries: Many like to eat hot bread and freshly baked cakes. Few bakeries are reaching out to their customers by tweeting. Few bakeries that tweet are A&J King Bakery, @albionsoven, @kogibbq. Check out Bakery Tweet device that bakers could use to tweet to their customers. One could argue in India such things are for the elite. I think one should try it out, you never know if it clicks and increases the business.


  1. Hi Mahesh,

    You can expect all that on paper. India can do wonders with several things. But you know what we commons can do…………….? Do notthing.

    So better let twitter help others and dont teach Indian Law makers.

    my best sunny.

  2. rotweiler23 says:

    how about food ordering app?

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