Would you shut your website and move it to Facebook?

Today when it comes to internet everyone talks only about Facebook which has a valuation of a mere $100 billion. I do see people communicating on Facebook email. If you are a content publisher on the internet, would you consider shutting your site and moving everything to Facebook? Well, a local site in Maryland, Rockville Central blog (http://rockvillecentral.com/ doesn’t work anymore), has exactly done that.

This may make sense for a blog/site which is meeting the needs of 61,000 people (population of Rockville city) but not sure if any portal major would take that drastic step. I have a few friends (tech savvy) in the US who have stayed away from even creating a Facebook account, they proudly say “I don’t need it”.

Rockville Central got over 2000 visits per article on Facebook against the 600 visits on their traditional blog.

Smaller publishers feel there is a higher chance user will bump into your site on Facebook (which has 750 million members across the world, not everyone is your potential user)

Few US major newspapers have tried experimenting on Facebook, with NewsCloud’s help, but with little success. Their main issue – how do they monetize? In 2010 a Facebook ‘Like’ was valued at $3.16.

So would you move your blog/portal/ecom site to Facebook?

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