Doing Business in Singapore vs. India

This is the first guest post I have accepted on my blog. Reason being I am an entrepreneur, people talk about where a company has to be registered, where is it easy to start a business etc. This piece is contributed by

A Long and Common History

The relationship between India and Singapore dates back hundreds of years, to the 14th century when Singapore served as a stopover between India and Southeast Asia.

The two countries became even more closely tied together during the Colonial Period through 1867, while British Singapore was under the governance of the East India Company out of Calcutta, India.

Today the two countries have a great deal to offer one another. Singapore’s strategic alliance with India helps build Singapore’s reputation as a valuable investment hub with strong links to a resource-abundant region. India continues to grow both economically and politically, taking on an increasingly important role in international politics. As a result, India and Singapore are each in a unique position to supply the other with resources and support.

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