Is your company Lunch 2.0 compliant?

Silicon Valley companies have started hosting Lunch 2.0. According to WSJ Lunch 2.0 is defined as, Read more on Is your company Lunch 2.0 compliant?…

SMS 2.0 – what is it?

According to an article on AgencyFAQ,

The Do-Not-Call Registry being put in place for regulating unwanted marketing calls and SMSes may seem like a dampener for mobile marketing firms, but there is a new breed of companies that is actually counting on it. Affle is one of them. The London based mobile technology company collaborated with Bharti Airtel in June to bring its advertising platform SMS 2.0 to India. SMS 2.0 delivers relevant ads to subscribers in their message inbox.

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A simple definition of Consumer 2.0..

Consumer 2.0: A new group of internet users who are not looking for low-price deals but want more value with the same price.