57% of mobile users in India use social media apps on their phone

Rangoli for Sankranti by artist Anisha Raghu

Rangoli for Sankranti Festival

Today few states in India celebrate Pongal and Sankranti. Wish  you a happy Sankranti.

A very interesting report “Social, Digital & Mobile in 2014” by We Are Social. The following stats have been covered for most countries,

  • Internet penetration
  • Mobile penetration
  • Social penetration
  • Facebook penetration
  • Time spent by mobile users on social media

India related information is from slide 82,

  • Population of 1.22 billion: 31% urban, 69% rural
  • Internet penetration: 12%
  • Facebook penetration: 7% (90 million)
  • Mobile penetration: 73% (893 million)
  • Smart phone penetration (% of total population): 13%
  • Time spent per day on internet from desktop: approx 5 hours
  • Mobile internet penetration (% of total population): 11%
  • Time spent per day on mobile internet: 2.5 hours

Social Media Statistics from India

  • Social media penetration (% of total population): 12%
  • Average time spent per day on social media: 2.5 hours (isn’t this high?)
  • Percentage of mobile users using social media apps on phone: 57%
  • Popularity in terms of usage: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn

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