Should the VC pick the Legal fee tab of the startup? Yes, it happens in the Valley

A very interesting short conversation with Bijan Sabet (@bijan), General Partner, Sparkcapital about the changing workings of VCs with startups (for the better) in the US. He led investments in Twitter, Tumblr. [Continue reading]

Club in Bangalore discriminating daughters?

This is election season in Bangalore clubs. Usually the AGMs and elections are held during this time of the year. I received the agenda for the meeting from one of the clubs I am member in here. Usually I don't read it as I am not interested in the … [Continue reading]

Will India see an Internet inflection point by 2015?

I was too lazy to come up with a headline, so decided to reuse the heading of the article I wrote in 2012 "Will India see an Internet inflection point by 2014?". Reliance Industries is going to be investing in a big way at home, in India - $30 … [Continue reading]

Twitter Acquires Namo Media!

Facebook and Twitter are seeing very healthy & promising growth in the mobile ad revenues. To strengthen its mobile advertising revenue Twitter announced today that it is acquiring mobile native ad specialist Namo Media (no relation with India's … [Continue reading]

Was Delhi University using the wrong webserver?

Delhi clearly hogs all the attention when it comes to admissions to undergraduate courses every year. All over India it is safe to assume admission time is very stressful in families. Every aspect of the admission process is torturous - getting … [Continue reading]