Making Airplay mirroring work with iOS 8

iOS 8 upgrade hasn’t been very smooth. Many have complained about it being slow and sucking the battery life. I upgraded iOS on iPad Mini & Apple TV. I was unable to make the Airplay Mirroring feature work with Apple TV.

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Allen Solly prepones Christmas to Dasara

I had been to watch "Finding Fanny" in Garuda Mall in Bangalore with friends & family. The movie was different, it had its moments but very slow.  Many stores in Garuda Mall were getting renovated that late night. I saw the sign board from Allen … [Continue reading]

Should the VC pick the Legal fee tab of the startup? Yes, it happens in the Valley

A very interesting short conversation with Bijan Sabet (@bijan), General Partner, Sparkcapital about the changing workings of VCs with startups (for the better) in the US. He led investments in Twitter, Tumblr. … [Continue reading]

Club in Bangalore discriminating daughters?

This is election season in Bangalore clubs. Usually the AGMs and elections are held during this time of the year. I received the agenda for the meeting from one of the clubs I am member in here. Usually I don't read it as I am not interested in the … [Continue reading]

Will India see an Internet inflection point by 2015?

I was too lazy to come up with a headline, so decided to reuse the heading of the article I wrote in 2012 "Will India see an Internet inflection point by 2014?". Reliance Industries is going to be investing in a big way at home, in India - $30 … [Continue reading]