Indian Language Internet Alliance to build Indic internet

Google India has taken the initiative of working with various stake holders of the internet eco system in India to grow Indian Languages on the internet. Through this effort India is expected to from the internet user base from the current 250 million to 500 million by 2017, majority of whom will be from mobile internet users.

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Making Airplay mirroring work with iOS 8

iOS 8 upgrade hasn't been very smooth. Many have complained about it being slow and sucking the battery life. I upgraded iOS on iPad Mini & Apple TV. I was unable to make the Airplay Mirroring feature work with Apple TV. … [Continue reading]

Allen Solly prepones Christmas to Dasara

I had been to watch "Finding Fanny" in Garuda Mall in Bangalore with friends & family. The movie was different, it had its moments but very slow.  Many stores in Garuda Mall were getting renovated that late night. I saw the sign board from Allen … [Continue reading]

Should the VC pick the Legal fee tab of the startup? Yes, it happens in the Valley

A very interesting short conversation with Bijan Sabet (@bijan), General Partner, Sparkcapital about the changing workings of VCs with startups (for the better) in the US. He led investments in Twitter, Tumblr. … [Continue reading]

Club in Bangalore discriminating daughters?

This is election season in Bangalore clubs. Usually the AGMs and elections are held during this time of the year. I received the agenda for the meeting from one of the clubs I am member in here. Usually I don't read it as I am not interested in the … [Continue reading]