Ecommerce in India to spend half a billion dollars on advertising in 2015

An article in How long can the e-comm ad splurge last? (dated April 22, 2015) highlights the digital ad spend by ecommerce players in India. In 2015 the digital ad spend in India is projected to be $939 million  but who will be contributing to this spend – ecommerce players in India.

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By 2018 more than 50% of digital ad spend in India will go to mobile

The new magic number in the Indian internet world these days is "500 million" - the number of internet users we expect in India by 2018. In early 2015 we were at 300 million. India took 10 years to reach the first 200 million mark, … [Continue reading]

India’s food market size – $14 billion

Some interesting stats related from today's Economic Times (February 15, 2015), India's food market is pegged at $14 billion, negligible portion is online Below 10% of India's food industry is organized 52% of restaurants don't offer home … [Continue reading]

India to witness 37% increase in digital ad revenue in 2015

According to a report by advertising giant GroupM, Ad spend in India will touch Rs 49,000 crore / $8.1 billion (12.6% growth over 2014). India will see a 37% increase in digital ad revenue in 2015. Digital media has been growing at an average rate … [Continue reading]

580 million Indians will be online by 2018

According to the recent report by Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) & Boston Consulting Group (BCG), … [Continue reading]