Report says US households lack high speed broadband access

Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration in the US released a report about broadband adoption in the US.

Residents of India, hold your breath – the report says more than one in three U.S. households still lack high-speed Web connections.

  • One in four households — completely lacked Internet connections, dial-up as well as broadband.
  • Home broadband use is more prevalent among urban residents than people who live in rural areas, whites than non-whites, and among those with higher incomes and educational levels.
  • Respondents without home broadband lines why they lack high-speed Web access, 38% of the group said that they weren’t interested in the service, while 26% said it was too expensive.
  • Few said in their area “high speed” broadband was not available

If such a survey were to be conducted in India, the results may not be very different from the above (except the one with the color factor). But we can conduct a survey when we have a more meaningful broadband penetration to begin with 😉 OK, ok, let us be optimistic. Things have improved a lot more the last few years but Yeh Dil Maange More!

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