Finally Kannada movies seem to be taking off..

Cheeni Kum

Cheeni Kum

Lately Kannada movies are going places. Two movies that were released over the year which did well – Amrithadhare and Mungaru Male. Good to see fresh faces who don’t have any baggage to carry (about being someone’s son or daughter from the film field).

The one that surprised me is a song from Cheeni Kam. Jaane Do Naa which is very melodious is a remix/remake of a Kannada song – Jotheyali (from Movie Geetha). I don’t recall listening to any Hindi song which was inspired by a Kannada song. I understand from others that all songs are actually from Tamil. The common link is the music composer Ilayaraaja.

Last week CNN-IBN carried a 30 minute program on the progress of Kannada movie world. It was refreshing to hear about Kannada movies on a national TV channel.

Update: On June 2, 2007 I was listening to an interview of Arundathi Nag on Radio City. She did congratulate Ilyaraja for the beautiful tune of the song but wondered why the talented composer had to “copy/paste” the tune. Arundathi Nag and her late husband, the talented Shankar Nag had appeared in this song.

You can see this song on YouTube.
The Cheeni Kum song also can be viewed on YouTube.

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