Is pamphlet advertising waste in India?

Pamphlet advertising has been one of the most popular ways to advertise in India. But is it really effective? I think it is money down the drain.

Just yesterday early morning on the day of Ugadi I found many pamphlets in my mailbox. And all of them were the same – Google would have penalized it for ‘duplicate content’. The advertiser in question here is CPK.

CPK pamphlets in Mailbox

At work too we get calls from many advertising agents who ask us to put Oneindia pamphlets in Bangalore newspapers. Most of you may know we haven’t yet advertised our portals at all (for 7+ years).

I think advertisers are being taken for a ride by spending on pamphlets. They charge the advertiser for distributing “N” number of pamphlets. These agents are too clever, they just dump more than one (in my case 5) in each house.

My unbiased free advise – Time for advertisers of pamphlets to move to online advertising.

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