Paul Octopus retires, Indian political parties could use him

FIFA’s real hero Paul Octopus has been in the news across the world in all media (TV, internet, print, radio). I guess it got tired and has decided to hang up its boots (4 pairs of them!)

Germany’s Paul competed with India’s parrot, India lost. Everyone has been talking about Paul’s retirement but I guess everyone missed out how Paul could make big monies. Where else, from Indian political betting!

octopus paul

Octopus Paul

While coalition government in the UK may be new, you don’t have to be an astrologer in India to predict the govt will be a coalition one. In India coalition is a given. But what is unknown is with whom will the coalition be formed.

Coalition governments are not based on principles. Anyways, major political parties could use Paul to tell them which parties they should form the government with. Please note, Octopus has been made for this purpose – it can suggest “up to 8 political parties” with whom the primary/major party can form the government with!


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