Adgully: Bulk SMS banned; Govt could have used discretion

The recent North East exodus in India has been very painful for most (if not all) residents of India. In my city of Bangalore we have many who have migrated from North Eastern India, which is the most ignored part of India. China for sure is waiting for the opportunity to grab all of North East India [read China’s audacity].

During the first few days of the exodus the government was busy talking about the possibility of restricting social networks in India, then they finally banned bulk SMS. Unfortunately this was done after the damage was already done. While internet sites did not suffer much because of this ban bulk SMS providers did take a serious hit. Reasonably sure the revenues of mobile telecom companies too took a serious hit.

My views have been carried by Adgully in their recently published article “Bulk SMS banned; Govt could have used discretion“.

Most bulk SMS providers are registered with the government. All the government had to do was to tell these bulk providers about what kind of messages couldn’t be sent out. If they did send out hate message inspite of the warnings then the government could always take action.

What is surprising is that SMSes from airport cab services, airlines too were blocked. It has also effected the medical and education type of sectors a lot.

Every resident of India is with the government to keep the security of the country intact. No one is keen on receiving a SMS at the cost of keeping the borders unsafe. Indians are not that unreasonable. But the industry is asking whether it so difficult for the government to track down the actual sender of the SMS?

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