National Anthem in Bangalore theatres

A while ago I had read about movie theatres in India being required to play the National Anthem before the show. As a child growing up I remember it being played “after” the show and doors were being opened only after the completion of the anthem (rightfully so).

Today I visited Lido Theatre which recently reopened in its new avataar. For old timers now Lido is a theater and a Mall (separate buildings). They played the Anthem sung by AR Rahman and group,

The National anthem that has been recreated by A R Rehman has been led by Lata Mangeshkar, Pandit Jasraj, Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, D K Pattamal, Asha Bhosale, Dr Balamuralikrishna, Bhupen Hazarika, Jagjit Singh, Dr S P Balasubramaniam, Hariharan, Kavita Krishnamurthy and Sadiq Khan Langa.

You can listen to the Anthem on this link. I wasn’t aware Bangalore theatres had started playing the Anthem. I think it is a good thing. As few blogs mention this could be an American thing, may be but I have experienced this as a child before, so not sure if all credit has to go to the US.

In the US before every game (basketball, baseball, football etc) they play the Anthem and being selected to sing the Anthem for the Superbowl is a real big thing [see past performers]. In India too we should play the anthem before the game starts..or should I say in Cricket stadiums as that is the only sport Indians seem to follow/encourage 🙁


  1. There is theatre Veeresh in Vijayanagar, there national anthem is played from long back.

  2. Sandeep says:

    Ya..It’s true,Veeresh chita mandiradalli..Prthi show ge munche rastrageethe nudisuthare..idannu ella chitra mandiragalu palisuvanthaga beku.

  3. Mahesh Ugale says:

    National Anthem is necessory to play in all theatrs before or after show
    I always use to go for movie in Adlabs and cineemax.and they play national Anthem before starting of each show.

  4. abhishek says:

    hi to you all guys its really good to hear that you all like the national anthem played in theaters but please guys do you what all place are recommended for singing the national anthems this is a worst thing which is going on and its shameful that under the roof all over the country the national anthem is going on disgusting..

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