Obama’s plan on transparency put into practice on Twitter, citizens can see cash flow!

We can never imagine this happening in India 🙁 Rhode Island in US has started “reporting” their cash flow on a daily basis for their citizens to see on Twitter.

Real-time cash-flow numbers for Monday, April 06: General Fund Receipts: $15,921,766 … General Fund Expenditures: $29,548,018

Rhode Island’s Office of the General Treasurer, which recently announced plans to Twitter the state’s daily cash flow in real time. “As we look forward, it’s important that government find innovative ways to use existing technology to communicate with the public and increase government transparency,” Utilizing Twitter is the next step. As our State’s fiscal crisis escalates, our legislature must make the difficult choices to balance our budget. I hope that this latest effort will serve as a daily reminder to how urgently we need action.”..More..

Need to see how states in the US will follow suit. Will we ever see such a thing in India. Nah 🙁 !


  1. In our lifetime NO:)

    But there is no reason to give up hope

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