Post Elections: Which netas are still active online?

Few of our politicians had started tweeting during elections. Now that the elections are done who is still active? There was a “plug” in Bangalore Mirror which talked about SM Krishna tweeting and just one sentence about Shashi Tharoor‘s tweets.

The only politician who is twittering and very sensibly is Shashi Tharoor. He writes exceptionally well, yes, he has authored many books but to communicate effectively in 140 chars is not always easy. I think many of us want to hear/see the human side of these politicians.

In his tweets he clearly shows he is a first time politician and he is learning many things.

Waving at every likely voter becomes such a reflex that I’ve waved at shadows, gargoyles on roofs and even my own face on a pol poster!

A gaggle of girls wave enthusiastically fm wrong side of road. That side’s TamilNad, says Partyman. Not my voters. I wave back anyway

Should clarify: I get 100s of these shawls and Kerala towels and hand them out (or toss them from the jeep) to poor people along the way

But I guess he has been forced to make some statements like a true politician to please the Australian govt.

It is sad not a single politician, including LK Advani, is updating their blog. They may not have the time to blog (blah!) but they surely have the time to tweet (sometimes or may be always it is good to restrict politicians to 140 chars!)

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