Karnataka Rajyotsava – Will Karnataka Govt EVER recognize Kannada on the net?

Today, November 1, 2011, is the 56th Karnataka Rajyotsava,

India became a Republic in the year 1950 and in same year linguistic provinces were formed. The state of Mysore is one such state in south India.

The state of Mysore was created taking into fold various parts of the region, which were ruled by kings. Several districts in, now called North Karnataka and Hyderabad Karnataka were dissolved in the new state. The new state was named after Mysore, which by itself was a princely state.The state was renamed as  ‘Karnataka’ on November 1, 1973

Karnataka Flag

Karnataka Flag

Every year Karnataka state government holds some functions, events to commemorate this day. Govt talks about promoting Kannada language, improving Karnataka state etc. Zzzzzz…according to me it is more of lip service.

State Government Websites in Kannada

I am sure everyone will agree with me that today the internet is an important media, may not be as big as print & TV, but it exists & is growing. The Central government & all State governments talk about having more language websites. But none of them do anything.

Just take a look at the Karnataka govt websites, especially district websites, where is the usage of Kannada? It is dismissal. The look & feel of the websites are pathetic. I seriously doubt any Minister in the cabinet cares about what is on these websites.

Few times I tried volunteering to help by meeting the highest authorities in Bangalore. My journey to help ended after one meeting.

Karnataka Govt Doesn’t Recognize Kannada Websites

I took a lot of interest in launching five Indian languages on the net in April 2000. We were one of the only ones to push Kannada on the net (even Google News hasn’t bothered to do it).

In general, no government in India has given “Press” status to any portal. Being based in Bangalore, Oneindia Kannada is NOT recognized by Karnataka Govt, they don’t think we should get the “Press” status. I have gone pillar to post to represent our case. Nobody cares in the government. Nothing to do with the current messy BJP-ruled govt in Karnataka, all political parties are equally guilty.

What is ‘loving Kannada’ mean?

  • Loving Kannada doesn’t mean having vehicle’s license plate in Kannada, it is illegal to begin with.
  • Please make better Kannada movies.
  • Allow movies of other languages to be dubbed in Kannada.

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