Happy Birthday Oneindia! We are 10 years young now!

Greynium / Oneindia.com completed 10 years of operations today (Jan 1, 2016). When we started the portal I had not thought about this milestone at all, we were so caught up firefighting many issues which a typical startup would face in its initial months. This journey would have not been possible without the efforts & support of our CEO Sriram Hebbar and Oneindia Language editors. Along the way many joined the journey and became part of the Oneindia family, my special thanks to each one of you in making this milestone a reality.

During the first few months of 2006 we were clocking 5 million page views a month, today we are at 400-450 million page views a month without spending on marketing, a huge achievement indeed. All credit goes to the entire team who work very hard at Oneindia.  I would like to make a special mention of our sales team for converting all the traffic we have to revenues.

I am also deeply indebted to our investors, without who we couldn’t have started, let alone running the show. Special thanks to our past investors M. Srinivaasan & Otto Stricker who were instrumental in helping us to start the portal.

In 2010 Rajesh Jain took a majority in Greynium. I was just going thru that 2010 blog post, we had 6 million unique users, now we have 40 million unique users! Rajesh Jain’s push has been a great factor for us to turn profitable. He made us believe in ourselves, thank you Rajesh. This focus was supported ably by our Finance, HR & Admin teams.

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During 2011 & 2012 we carved out many of our sub-domains to verticals, one of the best decisions we took in the recent past. We are the only company with multiple verticals in multiple Indian languages. And we have only scratched the surface, a lot more is yet to be achieved. I foresee our excellent technical, social media, product teams playing a major role in the coming years.

Thanks to the growth in mobile internet penetration, we have seen very good growth in our mobile traffic in the last 2 years. The year 2016 could witness the inflection point in mobile internet. With mobile internet being made available across India we will see a huge demand for local language content & services in India. And if there is any “One” company in “India” that will meet this demand it has to be Oneindia!

Wishing you all a happy new year!

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