Verify your credit card to transact online in India, but be careful

Come August 1, 2009 you will need to have your credit cards verified by your issuing banks to be able to transact on Indian ecommerce sites.

Articles related to this have been covered by few sites: Medianama,

Cleartrip has been aggressively (and responsibly) sending out mailers related to this topic by promoting in their mailers.

I registered my various cards with the issuing banks. One of the banks had the year of DOB till 2009! Imagine a new born having a credit card. What was this bank thinking?

Password Requirement Not Uniform

I would have expected to see the registration process of Visa card (or Mastercard) on every issuing bank site to be the same. Painfully the password pattern varied from bank to bank (6 letters, 8 letters, only one number etc). Not practical at all.

Amex seems to be elite even online

Amex users may not find shopping online that smooth. They need to enter their billing address each time (according to

Watch Out for Fake Verification Emails

I have already received a couple of mails asking me to click on a URL to verify my credit card. The emails look very real but it is a clear case of phishing.

The best and only way to verify your card is to visit the issuing bank’s site ( has a comprehensive list of issuing bank sites, if your card is not listed there I would say you are with the wrong bank!)

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