580 million Indians will be online by 2018

According to the recent report by Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) & Boston Consulting Group (BCG),

  1. India’s Internet economy will grow to almost Rs.10 trillion by 2018.
  2. Internet economy includes e-commerce services and products, advertising, online content, devices, connectivity, as well as private infrastructure and government spend in these areas.
  3. India’s Internet economy, which was about Rs.3.6 trillion in 2013, contributed 3.2% to the GDP.
  4. About half the population in India, or 580 million Indians, will be online by 2018. In December 2014 India had 300 million internet users.
  5. 60% of all Internet users were under 25 in 2013, by 2018, 54% of the Internet user base will be over 25 years of age.
  6. By 2018, 40-50% of net users in India will be from rural areas.
  7. In 2013, for every 3 men there was 1 woman using the internet in India. By 2018, for every 1.9 men we will see a woman internet user in India.
  8. E-commerce companies’ revenues were in excess of Rs.25,000 crore at the end of 2014.
  9. E-commerce industry in India is projected to grow to $75 billion by 2018 from $17 billion in 2013.
  10. Growth of Indian languages & mobile apps will be key to the growth of internet usage in India.
  11. Venture funding is on the rise in the internet industry – 800 Internet start-ups got funding in 2014 as compared to 200 in 2012.
The road ahead..

The road ahead..


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