China has 338 million internet users, India has 50m

As of June 30, 2009 China has a whopping 338 million internet users. India has 50 million (this number varies from 45 million to 70 million depending on whom you are speaking with!)

  • 13.4% increase from the end of 2008
  • 94% of the Internet population — about 320 million people — use broadband connections
  • Over 80% of Internet users surf the Web at home
  • Only 5% of the Internet population accesses the Internet from the workplace (in India a major chunk accesses from office)
  • Internet penetration: US 75%, China 25.5%, global average 24%
  • 46% of the 300m users (155m) access the net from the mobile

The govt in India needs to give a big push to broadband in India. They will, they don’t have a choice.

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