Column: Ecommerce – save on group buying sites

My 14th column in “Vijay Next” newspaper (Kannada) was about Group Buying in India. Main points were,

  • The year 2010 has seen very good ecommerce activity in India. We saw one of the leading ecommerce companies,, got listed in the US stock exchange successfully.
  • Bulk buying is nothing new. In Bangalore the rates in city market are cheaper because a lot more people buy from them. Retail users (families) get vegetables at almost whole sale rate.
  • Group buying has become very popular in the US. Sites in India have been inspired by US major
  • Group buying sites promote just one deal for each city every day. For e.g. if a Pizza costs Rs 200, it will be available for Rs 100 on their site provided a certain number of Pizzas are sold.
  • The famous ones are,,
  • There are sites that don’t insist on group buying but yet offer products at great discounts. One such site is
  • At times you save 60% on MRP! What more do you want? And when you buy a product you don’t have to use it the very same day. For e.g. if you buy a coupon for a restaurant, you don’t have to go the very same day.
  • You can save anywhere from 20-60% on some products.

Why wait? Go ahead and shop on Group Buying in India & discount sites.

Vijaya Next column on Group Discounts

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