.in domains gaining popularity

A total of 600,000 .in domains have been registered [source Hindu]. Of these 380,000 have been registered from India and 230,000 overseas.

If you observe carefully the demography of those who have registered from outside India, most of them are from Europe (especially Germany). Currently about 30,000 .in domains are registered every month. The registrations have increased because of the promo offered by NIXI. We at oneindia too have seen a marginal increase in .in registrations.

Residents of India have registered about 800,000 .com domains. So .in is not that far away from .com.

Verisign in its “Domain Industry Brief” has a more comprehensive view of the domains registered across the world.

  • Across the world 192 million domain names were registered (Dec 2009). An increase of 15% compared to 2008
  • 78.6 million country code top level domains (.cn, .uk, .in) have been registered (Dec 2009)
  • Popular registrations are .com, .cn (China), .de (Germany), .net and .uk (United Kingdom)

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