Nasscom Product Conclave 2012: Responsive Design Resources

I was the session manager for “Responsive Design For Web + Mobile apps” on November 8, 2012 (Thursday) Nasscom Product Conclave held in Bangalore. My task was to bring in experts from Responsive Design area and share their experiences with the audience.

The panel consisted of

  1. Moderator: Philip Thomas, Director of Design and User Experience, Flipkart (Twitter)
  2. Ravi Pratap, Co-Founder and CTO, MobStac
  3. Umesh Gopinath, Senior Information Architect, Sapient Global Markets  (Twitter)
  4. Shiva Kumar, Executive Director Apparatus Media Lab

Idea Behind The Session

Today our apps (web and mobile) are accessed from devices of various sizes. The accessibility also varies from device to device (touch and non-touch devices). With the mobile internet penetration increasing in India it has become important to design apps which are usable on all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet).

The panelists who have deep knowledge about design aspects throw some light on Responsive Design.

Useful Resources For Responsive Design

  1. What is responsive design and do you really need it?
  2. 9 GIFs That Explain Responsive Design Brilliantly
  3. Breaking Dev: There Is No Mobile Web – A deeper dive into the philosophy behind Responsive Web Design, some supporting arguments.
  4. Ethan Marcotte’s original 2010 article on Responsive Web Design.
  5. This is responsive – Patterns, resources and news for creating responsive web experiences.
  6. Guidelines for responsive design from Smashing Magazine
  7. Responsive Web Design: 50 Examples and Best Practices
  8. A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Responsive Design by
  9. Mobile URLs vs. Single URLs: Making The Right Decision For Your Company
  10. Test your site for responsive design on various devices
  11. Overview and analysis of where Mobile First Responsive Design is being applied
  12. Planning ahead for responsive design
  13. Responsive Web Design book by A Book Apart
  14. SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design
  15. 10 jaw dropping responsive landing pages
  16. To see a lot of responsive layout examples, browse around media queries.
  17. WordPress meets Responsive Design
  18. Designing a responsive header
  19. Foundation 3 – an advanced responsive front-end framework

Please do email me if you come across good resources related to Responsive Design. I will continuously update this list.

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