32% of mobile connections in India are not in use

Yesterday Times of India had carried an article “Cell shocked: Numbers change hands in 60 days” (unable to find the link to the web version). The article talks about Indian mobile operators running out of numbers, so operators are forced to disconnect mobile numbers that haven’t been used in the past 60 days.

  • GSM subscribers: 831.86 million
  • CDMA subscribers: 102.24
  • Total mobile subscribers in India: 934.09 million
  • Urban subscribers: 597.59 million (64%)
  • Rural subscribers: 336.51 million (36%)
Flower man in Kodaikanal using a mobile

Flower man in Kodaikanal using a mobile.

When it comes to tele density [number of telephone connections for every 100] it is heavily skewed towards urban users. In Tamil Nadu the rural tele density stands at 67.29% and urban tele density at 160.8%.

The article says it is as high as 300 million subscribers are not using their mobile for the last 60 days. Very high but sounds realistic.


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