India has a huge phubbing problem

We in India just cannot stay away from our mobile phone. Observe what happens around while walking or driving, you often see people are using their mobile phones, even while being at the wheel!

I have seen in my own circle the usage has drastically increased. It is difficult to carry out a conversation without the smartphone interrupting. I was told this is called Phubbing (Phone Snubbing) or NomoPhobia


noun informal

the practice of ignoring one’s companion or companions in order to pay attention to one’s phone or other mobile device.
“phubbing is just one symptom of our increasing reliance on mobile phones and the Internet”

Phone Snubbing, Phubbing, is getting worse in India. Image source

Recently, this table was published in Times of India.  This study was carried out by Motorola among 4,418 smartphone users in US, Brazil, France, and India. Wonder how the results would turn out to be if the survey included China.

While using any tool is good, but overusing the same tool can be counterproductive. Excessive usage of digital screens is harming our eyes. Very few realize this fact. The only way to soften this problem is to look at trees.

Item India World Average
How many think the phone is their best friend?65%53%
Time spent with phone is much better than the one they love47%33%
Feeling compelled to perpetually check their phones57%44%
You check your phone more often than you would like to65%50%
You feel you spend too much time on your phone48%35%
You panic when you lose your phone77%65%
You want a better phone-life balance64%61%

This is not about how much time we are spending on the mobile, it is about not being able to stay away from the mobile device.

Apple (iOS 12) & Android phones will soon help users to make people less addictive to their phones (not thru apps but features in OS itself).

I think people are forgetting to spend time in a meaningful way after the new found love has arrived in their life.

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