International Women’s Day – Women outpace men in mobile usage

Usage of mobile apps by women

Today is International Women’s Day. Came across this report and thought it was the most appropriate day to blog the findings.

Women spent more time on average using smartphone and tablet applications than men did during the fourth quarter, according to a Nielsen study. The study also noted that the average American spends nearly 60 hours a week online and with TV, radio and mobile devices. Other findings,

  • Women spent nearly an hour-and-a-half more — 30 hours and 58 minutes — compared with men at 29 hours and 32 minutes.
  • Women spent more than five additional hours using mobile apps on their tablets, compared with men in Q4 2013, and more than two hours more on the mobile Web.
  • The average American adult logged an average of more than five hours per day watching live TV.
  • It’s easier to track behavior, serve ads, and retarget across platforms from mobile to desktop.
  • Comscore: Consumers use Apple’s apps 99% of the time, compared with 1% on the Web. Amazon followed with 77% for mobile app vs. 23% for the mobile Web site.
  • U.S. mobile ad market: $9.69 billion in 2013 (122% rise over 2012), $17.73 billion estimated in 2014.
  • In 2014 mobile advertising will account for 35.4% of digital ad spending ($50 billion) in the U.S.

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