Majority will access the web from mobile by 2013

Gartner spells out various ways in its “Top Predictions for IT Organizations and Users, 2010 and Beyond.”

  • The boldest prediction is that “by 2013, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access device worldwide.”
  • Gartner believes that the number of smartphones or phones with web access will surpass 1.82 billion by ’13, outnumbering the 1.78 billion PCs.
  • The research firm warns publishers to be sure their sites are optimized for the mobile web or frustrated users will go elsewhere.
  • Along with the growing power of mobile is the growing ability to pay electronically. Gartner says that by 2014, 3 billion adults globally will “be able to conduct transactions via mobile or Internet technology.”
  • Plus, by 2015, Gartner believes that context will be as key to mobile services as search engines are to the web.
  • Gartner added that any Web company that doesn’t become a mobile context provider risks handing over customer ownership to a competitor that is providing location-aware or other services that create context for users.
  • Mobile app developers need to depend more on advertising to generate revenues as very few will be willing to pay for the app.

Mobile Internet in India

For me personally mobile internet is very useful but I can’t see it “replacing” the PC-internet usage. If I find something very useful while browsing on my phone, I follow it up on my PC.

Search engines will play a huge role in promoting mobi sites. While our mobi site has gained traction I don’t see it appearing on Google mobile search results. So very few know about the existence of 🙁

Monetization on mobi sites has not been anywhere near what all reports seem to be claiming. In India the mobile internet usage took take a new dimension provided 3G becomes a reality. It is not clear to me if the delay is because of spectrum or money to be paid (you know to who). I still claim 3G will be popular only if it is cost effective, else it will be limited to the rich and elite. That will not give mobi site publishers the sufficient traffic we are looking for.

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