Measurement Guidelines For ‘Mobile Application’ and ‘Mobile Web’ Advertising Finalized

Mobile advertising is on the rise and possibly it has grown so fast that it took some time to finalize the guidelines when it comes to measurement of its performance.

Global mobile ad revenue increased 83% last year to $8.9 billion from $5.3 billion. The IAB earlier this year said U.S. mobile ad revenue in 2012 more than doubled to $3.4 billion.

Yesterday 3 bodies – MMA, IAB and MRC announced the finalization of the measurement guidelines,

  1. A clearer mandate that only client-side counting is allowed for mobile application ad impressions
  2. A requirement that Software Development Kits (SDKs) that handle ad loading ensure that impression counting does not happen prematurely
  3. A clear end-date requirement for reporting/counting ad impressions delivered/viewed while the app is offline
  4. More explicit guidance around “auto-refresh” – how frequently an application should be permitted to change the ads displayed within the app
  5. A caveat that HTML5 may impact how and when ads are counted and bears close examination by auditors.

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