Urban kids under 18 in India spend 40 minutes a day on mobile internet

A 2 year old using iPad comfortably
A 2 year old using iPad comfortably

The news about mobile penetration in India is not new. India is witnessing an increase in mobile internet usage, in fact we at Oneindia see a substantial growth in our mobile traffic. The recent report by Ericsson focuses on mobile internet usage by children in urban India. Few highlights,

  • 69 million children under the age of 18 residing in urban cities.
  • Of these 69 million a whopping 30 million have a mobile handset.
  • Of these 30 million handset owners 11 million share it with one of their family members, while 28 million have no access to it.
  • Generation Z: Born between the years 1994 and 2004 (8-18 year old).
  • Generation Z will soon spend more time on mobile than TV.
  • 45% of Generation Z population are in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.
  • Kids are getting guidance on usage of these gadgets from their parents who are very comfortable with these gadgets.

iPad has been a blessing for senior citizens too. Indian mobile app developers may want to look into the huge opportunity of developing apps for children and senior citizens in India.

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