Allen Solly prepones Christmas to Dasara

I had been to watch “Finding Fanny” in Garuda Mall in Bangalore with friends & family. The movie was different, it had its moments but very slow.  Many stores in Garuda Mall were getting renovated that late night. I saw the sign board from Allen Solly and spotted a typo. I double checked with my folks if the spelling was indeed wrong. At Oneindia I am known for spotting typos, people hate me for that but take it in the right spirit (so I am told).

I did not expect Allen Solly to respond, but they did. The first response was a standard template response.

But then came the real unexpected awesome response! Great attitude! We all make silly mistakes, might as well laugh at our own mistakes.

Netzine loved this thread, Twitter India recognized the response from Allen Solly as worthy enough to included in their sales deck.

There were innumerable RTs + responses. An article was written about it! No clue if a Bollywood movie will be made of this tweet 😉

Today, at office we were celebrating Ayudha Puja, 2 days in advance of the actual festival day. Just when I was leaving the office I get this gift -Allen Solly Air, one of the lightest shirts in the world. Perfect size too (how did they do that? Any spies in my office?). Thank you..

Allen Solly Gift!

Gift from Allen Solly for tweeting!

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