Google Buzz fails to create the buzz, axed. What about Orkut?

Since today morning tweets have been talking about the various products Google has decided to shut – Google Buzz, Code Search, Jaiku, iGoogle social features etc. I wasn’t using any of these actively. Google Buzz was reading my tweets, thats about the closest I have got to using any of these products which are about to shut.

Google Buzz is being shut as they expect Google+ to be “the social” product of Google. While everyone has been analyzing the move from Google Buzz to Google+ what happens to Orkut? Does anyone remember Orkut?

Comscore shows the traffic has come down in India but still it has a sizable unique user base: 14m in August 2010, 10.4m in August 2011. Where as Facebook had 22m in August 2010 and 36m in August 2011.

You rarely hear Google making any announcement about Orkut. Wonder if they have forgotten about their one time star product.

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