Governments hearing tweets loud and clear

Twitter has been lately in the news for political reasons – Iran’s Presidential (rigged) elections. Came across a very funny image related to twitter and Iranian president today, I doubt Mr. Ahmadinedschad finds it funny!

Yesterday Hillary Clinton admitted that Twitter is very important but she has no clue what it is,

Clinton said that Twitter has been essential in allowing Iranian protesters, especially the young, to remain in touch in the aftermath of last week’s disputed presidential election.

“I wouldn’t know a Twitter from a tweeter, but apparently, it is very important,” Clinton said..More

Twitter has become so important for the US govt that the State Department officials earlier this week urged Twitter to delay scheduled maintenance work to avoid interrupting its service in Iran.

Iran has been blocking internet access, not sure how Iranians are managing to twitter.

Twitter isn’t tweeting but seems to be roaring!

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