Twitter Acquires Namo Media!

Facebook and Twitter are seeing very healthy & promising growth in the mobile ad revenues. To strengthen its mobile advertising revenue Twitter announced today that it is acquiring mobile native ad specialist Namo Media (no relation with India’s PM NaMo).

Needless to say the combination of native advertising and mobile is a killer one and Twitter has wasted no time in grabbing the opportunity to acquire NaMo. In 2013, Twitter had acquired mobile ad network MoPub for $350 million.

NaMo media’s blog post says,

We started Namo Media with the belief that mobile banner ads don’t work for users, publishers, or advertisers. We saw native advertising as an opportunity for publishers to create better user experiences, generate higher revenues, and enable more valuable advertising space. We built an advertising solution that lets app developers easily add native advertising to mobile apps.

Combining our technology with MoPub will offer our current and future customers a more powerful platform to generate revenue, all while preserving an amazing user experience.

Narendra Modi on Twitter

In India we have heard of NaMo but not much about NaMo media. But as we all know Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a big believer of social media especially Facebook, Twitter and G+.

On Twitter, Narendra Modi is the 2nd post followed politician after Barack Obama.


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