Twitter embraces Hindi, will it help?

Twitter has released the Hindi version of their interface yesterday. Most of the sites have given a thumbs down to the level of localization Twitter has gone into (see Medianama &

Recently Twitter announced they touched the 100 million user base. India has about 3-4 million twitter users, of which only 10% are seen to be active. Twitter contributes to about 3-4% of internet traffic in India. The numbers are not very loud, very feeble as a birdie’s tweet.

At Oneindia we launched an app many moons ago which would allow you to write in the five languages we support – Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam (apps have been discontinued).

Supporting any Indian language tweets on Mobile will not be challenging for Twitter, the mobile handset needs to have Unicode fonts. It would be useful to see a greater number of handsets sold in India support Indian languages (irrespective of where it is manufactured).

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