Indian Badminton League – awesome posters

The other day I was driving around the city with my colleague who pointed me to this poster of Indian Badminton League. Totally awesome.  Kudos to the creative brain(s) behind this poster.
Indian Badminton League Poster
The only sport that has clicked in India is cricket and within cricket, only IPL seems to be rocking. Hopefully, IBL will not have any issues of IPL6 spot-fixing. And does IBL plan to have cheerleaders and after match parties? Reasonably sure no. IPL has ditched both. IBL will have to work very hard to make it a success. It would be best they work with media closely without throwing around their weight/ego. They will need the help of media to spread the badminton sport. Few things for IBL to keep in mind, Read more on Indian Badminton League – awesome posters…